Innov’IE, Innovative Management of skills and training within Inclusive Enterprises is a project aimed at the joint development of innovative and adapted tools and methods to improve the skills of workers with disabilities and managers of inclusive enterprises in order to promote access to training and employment for workers with disabilities.

Description of the project

It comes from a partnership between 5 organisms:

– UNEA, the National Union of Adapted Companies in France

– BAG IF, the Federal Association of Inclusive Enterprises in Germany

– CONACEE, National Confederation of Special Employment Centers in Spain

– Eweta, the Walloon Federation of Adapted Work Enterprises in Belgium (Wallonia).



From this project was conceived:

– A state of the art: to evaluate the situation of the Inclusive Enterprises in the partner countries, to share expertise, to identify possible common applications at European level and/or guidelines for the national systems.

– The elaboration of a repository of skills and competences adapted to the disability sector

– The elaboration of a job/managerial skills reference framework for the creation of an inclusive environment

– La création d’un module de formation relatif aux compétences managériales au sein des Entreprises Inclusives

– The creation of a training module related to managerial skills within Inclusive Enterprises.